Individually Designed Eco Dresses by Angelina Arcaro

Arcaro Couture was honoured to be a part of the inaugural Eco Fashion week in Australia.  Angelina created 8 eco-friendly gowns for the event using a variety of Silks, French laces, Guipure laces, finest Merino Wool with adornments of cultured and freshwater pearls, 3D laces, hand-beaded Swarovski crystal and even reworked antique jewellery from markets.

As with all of Angelina’s creations – all Gowns are individually made locally in Perth, hand crafted, ethically & sustainably produced.  Over the past 18 years within Angelina’s 40 year career, she has made the choice to use natural eco-friendly materials which she believes are better than synthetics.  Making a little contribution to the environment goes a long way.

I am very aware of the damage we humans inflict on our planet and employ approaches to counteract this as much as I can at Arcaro Couture”. I have always been waste conscious, even in my day-to-day life, and in my work I throw little away, recycle where possible, adopt sustainable approaches and endeavour to use natural and sometimes revisited materials.

Angelina has been known to say “Wearing synthetics is like wrapping yourself up in Gladwrap” Natural materials breath with your body, are so much more comfortable to wear and look better. They are also kinder to the planet.

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Bespoke & Couture Eco Dresses by Angelina Arcaro

“I give my full and personal consideration to each and every woman that I work with, designing a gown for them and them only,”

– Angelina Arcaro, founder of Arcaro Couture

Bespoke & Couture Eco Dresses by Angelina Arcaro